Documentary Family Photographer in Hamburg

I am Nina, documentary family photographer located in Rosengarten, near Hamburg, Northern Germany, available worldwide.

German is my mother tongue, but I can speak Englisch fluently, more or less. Besides, we also would get on with each other non-verbally very well, too ;-)

I am your photographer when it comes to REAL family moments of your REAL family life because  - REAL IS PERFECT.


I want you to remember how your family life felt like and not (only) how it looked like, how much your children love you and how much they are loved. 

With my pictures I always strive to keep all of the emotions and connections within your family alive. In front of my lens you can just be yourself, I see you and I want you to see yourself in my pictures! I want you to be happy with the images I create right away, and to enjoy them years from now and to hand them down from generation to generation to come. That is why I ensure you will get the best family photography - timeless, authentic imagery & best quality albums and prints!


My inspiration is the magic in the mundane of your everyday life. I create unique pieces of art because your family moments are fleeting and so very precious and need to be preserved.
I offer full and half Day-in-your-Life-Sessions, as well as hourly Family Sessions and Newborn Sessions. All sessions are approached in a documentary way, meaning, you will go along with your day, your afternoon, you will soak in the first moments with your newborn... and I will just come around, hang out with you like a good friend, and taking it all in, capturing the stories as they unfold.

You can also book your Family Vacation Session while you are visiting Hamburg, the coast of Northern Germany or whatever other place. I'll come around and will document your experiences.


Check my website out and let’s make plans for documenting your family’s story!





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Nina Gebke Fotografie

Rosengarten, Niedersachsen


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 Dokumentarische Familienfotografie von

Nina Gebke

Ich bin die Fotografin in Hamburg, vor deren Kamera ihr einfach euer Leben lebt! Ich mache Bilder eures echten Lebens, ungestellt & einzigartig, genau wie ihr es seid!

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